What does it mean when Child Protective Services talks about “intervention”?

The term “intervention” refers to power of the government to get involved in the lives of children in order to protect those children. The Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act lists several different kinds of “interventions” that can happen when a child is in need of protection.

Some are of these interventions are not very “intrusive.” This means that they do not change the family’s life too much, or for too long.

Other interventions are very intrusive. This means that they can greatly affect a family’s life (including taking a child from the home). Sometimes these interventions are permanent. Some of these interventions may involve court orders. Some may be done by agreement.

The interventions are:

  • Early Intervention Services
  • Custody Agreements
  • Family Enhancement Agreements
  • Supervision Orders
  • Apprehension Orders
  • Temporary Guardianship Orders (TGOs)
  • Permanent Guardianship Orders (PGOs)
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