I just left my abusive relationship. What do I do next? Can anyone help me?

If you’ve left the abusive relationship, there are many supports available to you. There are places that can help you financially and places that can help you emotionally or psychologically.

Every person’s situation is different. Therefore, each person might need different kinds of help. For example, someone who needs financial help might not need to find a shelter if they have another safe place where they can go.

A shelter is a safe place where victims of domestic violence can go to live on a temporary basis. There are many different shelters throughout the province available to people who need protection because of family violence. Certain shelters may only be for women, for women and children, or for men. There are even shelters for seniors who are being abused.

After you leave an abusive relationship, there are also different ways that the police can help you. You might want help from the police gathering your belongings from the home that you left. Or, you might want help from the police filing for protective orders to keep the abuser away from you.

Abusive partners often control the family’s money and finances. Therefore, after you leave an abusive relationship, you may find that you need financial help to help you rebuild your life or help you get back on your feet. You may be eligible for financial help from Alberta Works. Alberta Works provides financial help to people who cannot afford basic necessities like shelter and clothing. This is often the case for people who just left an abusive relationship. They may not have been able to bring money or many belongings with them.

Even after you’ve left the abusive relationship, you might still be anxious because of the abuse that you suffered. You might get nightmares, or feel depressed or scared. There are places and services that can provide emotional help. For example: anonymous hotlines, or counselling services where you can talk to a professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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