How do I appeal a court’s decision?

When thinking about making an appeal, remember that you cannot appeal a decision simply because you do not like it. You must have a valid legal reason to appeal a decision. This would generally be because a judge made a serious error when issuing a decision. These reasons are called “grounds” to appeal.

Whether you have grounds for an appeal is a complicated legal question. Also, appeals require detailed legal research and analysis, and they can be expensive. You may wish to talk to a lawyer before considering an appeal.

Appeals are made to the next highest court.

  • Decisions of the Provincial Court may be appealed to the Court of Queen’s Bench.
  • Decisions of the Court of Queen’s Bench (other than those granted in Master’s Chambers) can be appealed to the Alberta Court of Appeal.

In some cases, before making an appeal you will need to get the permission of the court you are appealing to.

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