Content Policy

LegalAve provides access to a wide range of existing public legal information, resources, and educational materials to help the people living in Alberta understand the legal system and take action to resolve their legal concerns.

Contents in this policy include:


Sources & ALIS resource owners

A majority of the resources linked to on LegalAve are from public legal education and information organizations across the province and, if applicable, across Canada. The information provided by these organizations is open to the public, and their content focuses primarily on free or low-cost public legal information.

These may include:

  • Alberta non-profit organizations
  • Government of Alberta sources
  • Alberta municipalities
  • Educational institutions and libraries
  • Government of Canada sources
  • Organizations outside of Alberta that offer valid and relevant legal information for Albertans
  • Professional law-related organizations
  • Law offices in Alberta

The Resource Owners page lists many of the organizations whose resources we often link to.


What we include on the website

LegalAve provides the following information and resources.

Content that helps people in Alberta resolve their legal problems

We give priority to practical resources that help people:

  • Understand their legal rights and responsibilities, the legal system, and options for legal assistance.
  • Exercise their rights or obtain their benefits.
  • Avoid legal problems or resolve specific legal concerns.
  • Be effective consumers of legal services when needed.

Content that has an Alberta focus or is relevant to an Albertan audience

  • We may include resources produced by organizations in other provinces if they have information about federal laws or other legal information that applies in Alberta.

Content that is produced by non-profit organizations, government, and the legal profession

  • We give priority to resources that are produced by non-profit organizations and government bodies.
  • We may include content from private organizations and individuals such as law firms, particularly when there is little or no content on a topic from a non-profit or government. Such content must be relevant, free or low cost, and not solely promoting commercial activities.
  • We may include content intended primarily for the legal profession if it will be helpful to a general audience.

Content that is concise and accessible

  • We give priority to content that is concise, complete, inclusive, presented in clear language, and accessible to a wide audience.

Content that is free or low cost

  • We give priority to resources that are free or low cost. For example, we do not provide listings for private law firms or other fee-based services.

Content that is related to law reform campaigns

  • We may include information that relates to the analysis and reform of laws and the legal system.

Content that is accessible in various formats and on different technological devices

  • We give priority to content that is available in various formats.
  • We may also give priority to content that is accessible across multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Content that is accessible to specific communities or targeted groups

  • We may include resources that are designed to meet the identified needs of targeted audiences.


What we exclude

We don’t include content if it is:

  • Primarily intended to advance the agenda of a political party.
  • Defamatory, discriminatory, threatening, partisan, or promotes illegal activities.
  • Associated with spreading hatred or promoting a particular religious point of view over another.
  • Solely selling a product or service.
  • Not legal material, or if the material is not relevant, such as annual reports, marketing materials, or general newsletters about an organization’s activities.
  • Associated with criminal activities, fraud, or misrepresentation.


Currency, reliability, and verification of information

We run tests regularly to ensure LegalAve is up-to-date, which includes checking for broken links, removing content that is no longer relevant, and adding new content as it is developed or if the law changes.

We work with Resource Owners to provide useful, reliable, and accurate information. However, if we find that any content is inaccurate or incomplete, we will update it or remove it from the website. We have processes in place to regularly review and archive content on LegalAve.

If we know when a resource was produced or last reviewed, we will include these details.



If you notice any errors on LegalAve, including typos, wrong information, or technical issues, please contact ALIS. You can email us at

We work closely with organizations across Alberta that provide public legal education and information. Visit our Resource Owners page to learn more.

Third-party information accessed outside of LegalAve is under the authority of the owner of that third-party information. For more information, see our Disclaimer and Terms of Use page and our Privacy Policy page.

When resources on LegalAve link to a third-party content, authority lies with that third party to ensure the information is accurate and complete.



LegalAve is optimized with features and add-ons that make sure it is stable, which includes the ability to return to backup versions if we need to.

To ensure LegalAve remains stable and functions as effectively and efficiently as possible, we update our content management system regularly and fix errors when we receive notices and alerts about them.


No Endorsement

Posting articles and/or links to third-party websites does not constitute an affiliation with, or endorsement by, LegalAve or ALIS.